Settings [RICOH THETA V]

The camera and smartphone cannot connect by Wi-Fi.

Please check the following.

* Is the camera’s wireless function turned on? (Wireless lamp is lit)
* You may be connected to another nearby device. Turn off Wi-Fi connections to other devices and switch the camera’s wireless button to off and then back to on. 
* There may be electromagnetic interference from a microwave oven, 2.4 GHz band cordless phone, indoor wireless LAN device, or other device. 
* The Wi-Fi connection may have disconnected for some reason. Configure the Wi-Fi settings again from the settings screen. 
It may be possible to connect by switching the camera’s Wi-Fi button off and then back to on, and repeating the connection process. 
If it still does not connect, tap “THETA******” displayed in the Wi-Fi settings screen, disconnect/delete the network, and try the connection procedures again from the beginning.


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