Taking Photos [RICOH THETA V]

When should I use the Shutter Speed Priority mode?

You can shoot pictures that have less camera shake by increasing the shutter speed. Conversely, you can purposely add blurring to pictures by reducing the shutter speed.
(More camera shake) 1/8*|1/10|1/13|1/15|...|1/3200|1/4000|1/5000|1/6400
|1/8000|1/10000|1/12800|1/16000|1/20000|1/25000 (Less camera shake)

*THETA V FW ver 3.40.1 + RICOH THETA for Android ver 1.31.0 or RICOH THETA for iPhone ver 2.14.0
The lower limit of the shutter speed is extended from 1/8 second to 15 seconds.(15|13|10|...|1/5|1/6|1/8)


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