Taking Photos [RICOH THETA X]

Are there any restrictions on shooting video?

The following restrictions apply for shooting video with RICOH THETA X.

(1) If the temperature in the camera rises, shooting will end automatically. The maximum shooting time for recording 5.7K/30 fps and 4K/60 fps videos is approx. 10 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 25°C) due to the temperature rise of the camera. If the temperature in the camera rises rapidly due to the surrounding environment or shooting conditions, the shooting time will be even shorter.

(2) Video shot in 5.7K/30 fps cannot be transferred to a smartphone. Also, it may not be possible to transfer video shot in 4K/60 fps depending on the type of smartphone being used.
=Smartphones available for transfer=
- SONY Xperia 1 II (Android 11)
- Google Pixel 4 (Android 10)
- Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 9)

(3) When shooting video in 5.7K/30 fps and 4K/60 fps, turn off wireless LAN at the THETA camera before shooting.
Alternatively, shoot video with the battery removed and the camera being powered by the AC Adapter Kit K-AC166(sold separately).

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