Taking Photos [RICOH THETA X]

When should I use 11K and 5.5K still images?

Shooting still images in 5.5K will provide faster HDR rendering speeds and transfer of images to a smartphone, enabling more easy and efficient shooting. We recommend using 5.5K also in locations with low light environments that require a higher sensitivity.

When shooting with the camera in a fixed position such as shooting with HDR rendering in bright scenes, shooting 11K still images enables images to be shot with a higher definition.

Wireless transfer speed: Still images shot with RICOH THETA X 5.5K have a wireless transfer speed that is about 1.5 times faster than still images shot with RICOH THETA V.
RICOH THETA V: x1 / RICOH THETA 5.5K: x1.5 / RICOH THETA X 11K: x0.6

HDR rendering time : HDR rendering time when shooting with 5.5K is about three times shorter than when shooting with 11K or RICOH THETA V.
RICOH THETA V: approx. 4.0 seconds / RICOH THETA X 5.5K: approx. 1.4 seconds / RICOH THETA X11K: approx. 4.0 seconds
  *Based on Ricoh measurements

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