Unable to connect the camera and smartphone over wireless LAN.

Check the following

  • ・Is the camera power or wireless LAN turned on?
  • ・Is the camera connected to a different smartphone?
  • ・Is the password correct?
  • ・If the password may have been changed, enter the correct password again from "Registering a new camera" in "RICOH THETA" app and register the camera.
  • ・ Please upgrade the firmware for the camera. Click here for details.
  • ・Press the wireless button on the camera to turn off the wireless LAN. Please press the wireless button again to make wireless LAN connection.
  • ・Press the power button on the camera to switch it into sleep mode. Please press the power button again to release the sleep mode and then execute wireless LAN connection.
  • ・Check whether a camera isn't in "Client mode" instead of "Access point mode" when trying to connect a smartphone and a camera directly.

If you still cannot connect after checking these items, restart the smartphone and try again.


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