What should I be careful about when using “Route Shooting BETA”?

Refer to the following information before shooting.

◆Shooting method
1. Shoot for approximately 1 to 3 minutes while moving over as long a distance as possible.
2. Shoot while holding the camera at a fixed height.

◆Shooting time
- The shooting time can be up to a maximum of 5 minutes.
- The camera may shut down due to a low battery level or a rise in the internal temperature of the camera.

Route Shooting video may not be generated under the following shooting environment and shooting conditions.
=Shooting environment=
- When there are no stationary objects with distinct features in the surroundings (such as buildings, fences, walls, and stopped vehicles)
- When there are stationary objects in the surroundings but they have very few distinct features (such as white walls)
- When the scene changes significantly during shooting, such as a door being opened on the way

=Shooting conditions=
- Shooting that lasts less than 1 minute
- Shooting that has no movement
- Shooting while moving at high speed
- Shooting while the camera is shaking

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