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Newest Model in the RICOH THETA 360° Camera Series that Shoots 4K Video Developed
Apr. 21, 2017

Ricoh would like to announce that we will be showcasing a sample camera of the newest model, which shoots high resolution 4K video in 360°, of the RICOH THETA series that shoots 360° images in one shot at the NAB Show 2017 held by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, USA from April 22 to 27.

Overview of the Product

● RICOH THETA series 360° camera
Product name:TBA
Launch Date: Sometime in 2017

Main Features
・Shoots 360° 4K30fps video
・A built-in 4-channel microphone that can record spatial audio to link to 360° videos
・360° 4K live streaming
・A dedicated expansion application makes function expansion possible (an Android-based operating system will be installed)
Notes: The above product specifications, exterior, and so on have yet to be finalized.

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