RICOH THETA New Model Launched! The series high-end model “RICOH THETA V”
Aug. 31, 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of the series high-end model “RICOH THETA V”, which achieves high quality 360-degree 4K video and spatial audio recording.

“RICOH THETA V” is a product with a body based on the concept of being compact, lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere. It achieves high-speed transfer that can comfortably browse large volumes of data, high sound quality recording compatible with 360° Spatial Audio, and can also shoot high quality 360-degree video that is equivalent to 4K resolution.

The camera can also connect to a smartphone or tablet using either Bluetooth or wireless LAN to allow for flexible operation based on how the camera owner uses it.
In addition, the camera can receive future performance enhancements through firmware updates after it has launched and it has a highly expandable body design. These features are worthy of the high-end model camera.

The release date is scheduled for late September.
Please see here for details.

Ricoh, Press Release

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