Announcement that the Facebook group page “THETA Branch Office” is now open
Oct. 02, 2018


We have opened “THETA Branch Office” on the RICOH THETA official US Facebook group page.

It is a private group page exclusive to everyone who uses THETA on a regular basis.

We want the group page to be a place where everyone who adores THETA can exchange information freely among each other while allowing us to spread unknown stories about THETA and information about limited events that only group members are allowed to participate.

Please join us and spread the enjoyment of using THETA.

We look forward to seeing you in the group.


Log in to Facebook from the URL shown below.

There is an entry field entitled “The story of THETA and I”. Please fill in the field based on the theme to apply to join the group.

Approval to join the group will be given within one business day.

Please visit here to join the group.


[Suggested themes for “The story of THETA and I”]

-What do you shoot and what kind of scenes?

-What emotions did you experience through using THETA?

-Dramatic changes due to using THETA

-Reasons why you only use THETA in preference to a standard camera

And other ideas 


We will continue to use the URL shown below for the existing RICOH THETA official US Facebook page, where we will feature work and how to use the camera, as in the past. Please also follow us on this page.

RICOH THETA official US Facebook page


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