LIFE STYLE, Inc. Has Released an App for RICOH THETA
Oct. 29, 2019

LIFE STYLE, Inc. has released “Easy 360 for RICOH THETA,” a smartphone app for the RICOH THETA series.


“Easy 360 for RICOH THETA” is an app for easy shooting, editing and sharing of 360-degree photos and videos.


Try using this app for an even more enjoyable time shooting and editing with RICOH THETA.


The app’s main features are as follows:


Feature (1): Auto-download function for still images

Feature (2): Simple shooting mode

Feature (3): Video cropping function

Feature (4): Picture-in-picture editing function

Feature (5): Trimming function

Feature (6): Timer shooting function

Feature (7): VR mode


  • Auto-download function for still images

A function that automatically downloads still images so images can be imported without the hassle of selecting images one by one.

Auto-download can be switched on and off from the settings screen.


(2) Simple shooting mode

This mode automatically adjusts settings to suit each situation, allowing you to take photos without making detailed settings like white balance and exposure.

You can choose from four shooting modes: Night Scene*, Snow Mountain, Sunset and River*.

*Your camera must be secured when shooting in this mode.


(3) Video cropping function

With this function, you can crop only the part of a 360-degree video that you want to show.

While playing the video, edit by swiping, pinching in and pinching out so that only the part of the video that you want to show is displayed.


(4) Picture-in-picture editing function

A function that allows you to add and display a sub-screen on top of the main screen, making it even more fun to shoot videos and helping you to make even greater memories.

The sub-screen can be switched between a square shape and circle shape, and you can shift the sub-screen to your position of choice by tapping and holding. Both the main screen and sub-screen can be swiped, pinched in and pinched out as you like.


(5) Trimming function

Adjust the length of your captured videos.

Using the trimming function, you can trim the video to your favorite part.


(6) Timer shooting function

By linking the app with a RICOH THETA series camera, you can use this timer shooting function when capturing still images.

The timer can be set to either 3 seconds or 10 seconds.


(7) VR mode

This function enables you to view still images and videos in VR, so you can enjoy impressive images and videos with a sense of reality.

In the VR mode, you can select between a single lens view or a twin lens view.


■ Service overview

Title: Easy 360 for RICOH THETA

Distributor: App Store


Price: Free of charge



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