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Notification of the release of “Hard Case TH-3”, a transparent polycarbonate case that can protect the camera against water droplets and dust
Aug. 31, 2022

Ricoh will release the “Hard Case TH-3” as a dedicated case for RICOH THETA on September 22.


[Features of “Hard Case TH-3”]

・This is a hard case that has waterproof performance equivalent to IPX4.*1

・You can perform shooting with the case attached to the camera. The RICOH THETA smartphone app or the separately sold accessory “Remote Control TR-1” is used to release the camera shutter.*2

・A USB cable can be connected with the case attached to the camera, enabling the camera to be charged and used for live streaming.*3*4*5

・The case has a metal tripod screw hole.


[Main Specifications of Hard Case TH-3]


Dimensions: Approx. 81 × 81 × 211 mm (W × D × H)

Weight: Approx. 209 g


*1      The case cannot be used for shooting underwater. The case is waterproof when no USB cable is connected and all openings where the USB cable passes through are closed.

*2      Shooting with the case attached will result in a lower image quality than shooting without the case.

*3      When a USB cable is connected, water droplets and dust may enter from the USB cable connection point.

*4      It is not guaranteed that the camera will work correctly when using a USB cable other than the one provided with the product.

*5      When performing live streaming with RICOH THETA X with the case attached, use the latest firmware for RICOH THETA X and set “Auto switching to live streaming” to ON.

*6      The USB cable provided with RICOH THETA SC2 cannot be used because it has a ferrite core that interferes with the opening where the cable passes through.

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