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RICOH THETA App Version Update Information
16 noviembre 2017

A version update for the RICOH THETA app is now available.

Contents of the version updates for each of the RICOH THETA apps are as follows.

<Basic app>

・It is now possible to turn stitching during shooting on/off in video mode when THETA V is connected.
・When transferring video shot with THETA V to a smartphone, it is now possible to select whether to transfer with or without zenith correction.
-The transfer time can be reduced by turning stitching on when shooting the video and turning zenith correction off when transferring the video.

*Camera firmware needs to be updated to the newest version (Version 1.11.1 or higher).
Click here for instructions on how to check the camera firmware version

・It is now possible set the white balance and exposure compensation in video mode when THETA V is connected.

*When securing THETA vertically for shooting is possible, using the following settings can make transfer to a smartphone faster than usual.
These settings can also be used in other situations, such as when you want to immediately check shooting results before normal transfer.
1. In video shooting settings, select “Stitching during shooting: On”.
2. In transfer settings, select “Transfer without zenith correction”.
*If zenith correction is turned on, the time required to transfer the video is the same as before.

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