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Simultaneous Shooting with RICOH THETA and Your Smartphone Camera Is Now Enabled – Along with the Release of New THETA Accessories Including a Smartphone Holder –
21 abril 2020

A new function, Animation Photo, that allows for simultaneous shooting with RICOH THETA and a smartphone camera will be released on the basic app for smartphone. In addition, the RICOH THETA Smartphone Holder TO-1, a special holder that assists Animation Photo shooting, and the Soft Case with Strap TS-3, a special case that can be worn on the shoulders or from the neck, will also be released.


1. Features of the new Animation Photo* function

  • ・Simultaneously captures images with RICOH THETA and the smartphone camera, and automatically creates video animations.
  • ・The image taken with the smartphone is used as the thumbnail, and the video can be played back by tapping and holding this image on iOS devices, or by tapping the thumbnail as for regular videos on Android devices.
  • ・Shooting is supported for all RICOH THETA series models compatible with the RICOH THETA basic app.
  • ・The captured Animation Photos can easily be shared even with people who do not have the RICOH THETA app.

*The app version upgrade including this new function is scheduled to be available in the near future.


2. Expansion of the THETA accessories range

1) RICOH THETA Smartphone Holder TO-1 that assists Animation Photo shooting

  • ・A holder that allows RICOH THETA to be attached to the back of your smartphone. It can be used over your smartphone case.
  • ・The holder can also be used as a stand for THETA when not attached to your smartphone.

[Main Specifications]

・Product name                       RICOH THETA Smartphone Holder
・Model                                     No. TO-1
・Price                                       Open price
・Color                                      Black
・Dimensions                          Approx. 73 mm (W) x 73 mm (H) x 36 mm (D)
・Weight                                   Approx. 71 g
・Supported smartphones    Width: Approx. 58 to 80 mm, Thickness: Approx. 10 mm or less


2) Soft Case with Strap TS-3 that can be worn on the shoulders or from the neck

  • ・A storage case specially for RICOH THETA with an attached strap that can be worn on your shoulders or around your neck.
  • ・This case allows the camera to be stored with the RICOH THETA Stick TM-2/TM-3 and strap attachment still attached, enabling users to quickly pull out and use the camera.

[Main Specifications]

・Product name               Soft Case with Strap
・Model No.                     TS-3
・Release date                 May 15, 2020
・Color                              Beige
・Supported models      RICOH THETA V, SC2, SC, S, m15, 2013

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