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Notification of the release of a new RICOH THETA plug-in
17 diciembre 2020

A new RICOH THETA plug-in has been released to the public.

The new functions of the plug-in are as follows.


<THETA Plug-in Application>

■Voice Trigger Capture Plug-in

・You can take still images with voice commands.

Simply start the plug-in and say “Yes” to take a still image without pressing the shutter button.

* Only still images are supported. Even if the plug-in is started in the video mode, the camera switches to the still image mode.

* The still image shooting settings when the plug-in is started are applied.

* Only voice command shooting is available while this plug-in is running.

* Voice commands can be received from 2 to 3 meters away, however, this feature may not respond well when used in noisy areas, etc.


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