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Notice of RICOH THETA plug-in upgrade
19 enero 2021

The RICOH THETA plug-in “UnderSideCover” has been updated.

The content of this update is as follows.


1.Addition of shooting method:

“Self-timer” and “Time Shift” have been added to shooting methods.

These can be selected on the settings screen.

– Self-timer
You can perform shooting using the self-timer. The countdown time (seconds) can be set in “Shooting settings” on the settings screen.

– Time Shift
You can perform shooting in the same way as with the existing plug-in “TimeShiftShooting”.

 * See here for details on “TimeShiftShooting”.


2.Addition of image preview:

When the shutter button is pressed on the plug-in screen, an image preview is displayed after shooting.

* The preview function can be turned on and off.

* When the shutter button on the THETA is pressed for shooting, an image preview is not displayed.


3.Change of inserted image size:

You can now change the area covered by an inserted image. This can be changed on the settings screen.


View details here


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