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RICOH THETA App Version Update Information
13 abril 2021

A version update for the RICOH THETA app is now available.
Contents of the version updates for each of the RICOH THETA apps are as follows.
<Smartphone app>
Basic app
■RICOH THETA for Android
・User interface has been redesigned.


・Thumbnail display speed for camera images has been improved.
・Wireless connection procedures have been changed according to Android OS specification changes. Tap the [Shooting] tab or [Cam images] tab to register the RICOH THETA you want to connect to.
・Bug fix.
<Editing app>
■THETA+ for iOS / THETA+ for Android
・It is now possible to change the aspect ratio in video editing.
-You can change the aspect ratio according to the social media you want to post videos to.
・A new function has been added to video cropping.
-You can set several points you want to show in the recorded video, and create a video that catches up to those points.
・Bug fix.

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