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A New RICOH THETA Model Is Set to Be Released! The THETA X features a large touch screen display and makes your business more efficient
25 enero 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new model “RICOH THETA X”.

As an advanced model of the RICOH THETA series 360-degree cameras capable of capturing 360-degree still images and videos in a single shot, this new model is equipped with a large touch screen display, achieves high-resolution images, and has been designed in pursuit of usability and outstanding image quality.


Keeping in line with the original RICOH THETA product concept of a compact, lightweight body that can be easily carried around anywhere, the new model RICOH THETA X offers high-resolution images equivalent to a maximum of approximately 60 megapixels (output pixel). In a first for the RICOH THETA series, the RICOH THETA X is equipped with a large 2.25-inch full-color touch screen display, improving operability during standalone camera use, and it also supports use of an interchangeable battery and external memory card for more efficient and reliable shooting in a business setting.


The release date is scheduled for March.


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