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RICOH THETA App Version Update Information
01 febrero 2022

A version update for the RICOH THETA app is now available.

Contents of the version updates for each of the RICOH THETA apps are as follows.


<Smartphone app>

Basic app


・The user interface for wireless connection has been improved.

・The restriction on the number of RICOH THETA that can be registered has been removed.

・It is now possible to read the serial number from the 2D code on the bottom of the camera when registering the camera for the first time. There is no need to enter the serial number manually.

・Bug fix.


■RICOH THETA for Android

・The user interface for wireless connection has been improved.

・The functions of the app “RICOH THETA m15” have been integrated into this app so that all models of RICOH THETA can be operated.

・Bug fix.


<App for computer>

■RICOH THETA for Windows(R)/RICOH THETA for Mac

・It is now possible to switch the display format. The following display format has been added.

– Straight

The distortion can be reduced by displaying the image radially from the center.

・Bug fix.


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