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Notification of the release of Underwater Housing TW-2
06 julio 2022

Ricoh Company, Ltd. will release the “Underwater Housing TW-2” for RICOH THETA X, which is waterproof up to a depth of 40 meters (equivalent to JIS Protection Grade 8/IPX8) and enables 360° shooting under water.


Main Specifications

・Waterproof performance

Up to 40 m from the water surface (within 60 minutes) (equivalent to JIS Protection Grade 8/IPX8)

・Waterproof mechanism

O-ring and buckle

・Tripod screw hole


・External dimensions

Approx. 162 × 77.5 × 68 mm


Approx. 230 g

・Included items

User guide, Strap, Lens cover, Moisture absorbent sheet, Silicone grease, Scratch prevention sheet, Reflection prevention sheets A and B

・Compatible model



Main Features

• The waterproof mechanism consists of an O-ring and buckle while the housing has a metal tripod screw hole to allow you to fully enjoy shooting while diving underwater with peace of mind.

• The housing design has been improved to reduce scratches on the lens section by molding the lens section with a harder acrylic resin than was used on the previous product and applying a hard coating to the surface of the lens section. The housing also includes a dedicated lens cover that protects and wraps around the lenses.

• The shape of the housing body was designed to reduce the amount the camera itself appears in the shot images. Anti-reflective (AR) coating has been applied to the surface of the lens section to reduce reflections. Two types of reflection prevention sheets are provided to prevent light reflecting off the camera and into the shot images. All of these factors and more have gone into creating the finer details of this housing so that you can shoot beautiful 360° images under water.

• The housing provides excellent usability, enabling you to turn the camera power on and off, switch the shooting mode for still images and videos, and operate the shutter button with the camera inside the housing even while under water. In addition to this usability, the expandability of being able to attach various types of camera accessories using the tripod screw hole is also the appeal of this housing.

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