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Notification of the release of a new RICOH THETA plug-in
03 agosto 2022

A new RICOH THETA plug-in has been released to the public.

The new functions of the plug-in are as follows.


<THETA Plug-in Application>

■Starry Sky Snap Plug-in

This plug-in can easily shoot the starry sky.


Various shooting settings are required to shoot the starry sky. With this plug-in, just press the shutter button in an environment where the starry sky is visible. The camera will then analyze the best shooting settings for the starry sky and then shoot the sky. This enables you to easily shoot the starry sky without requiring any expert knowledge.


* It may take as long as 60 seconds of exposure depending on the darkness of the night sky when using this plug-in. Always secure the camera on a tripod or similar item when using this plug-in.


Compatible models: RICOH THETA Z1、RICOH THETA V


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