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RICOH THETA App Version Update Information
20 diciembre 2022

A version update for the RICOH THETA app is now available.

Contents of the version updates for each of the RICOH THETA apps are as follows.


<Smartphone app>

Basic app

■RICOH THETA for iOS(ver2.22.0)/RICOH THETA for Android(ver2.7.0)

・Stitching when the camera is attached to the Underwater Housing TW-2 can now be selected between settings for underwater shooting and on-land shooting.

* Applicable models: RICOH THETA X

* It is necessary to update the camera firmware to the “version 1.40.0” or later.

Click here for instructions on how to check the camera firmware version.

・Bug fix.


If your store displays an update request, please perform the update.


<App for computer>

■RICOH THETA for Windows(R)/RICOH THETA for Mac(ver3.19.0)

・Bug fix.


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