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Notification about the End of the “Plug-in Direct Download Service” for RICOH THETA X
14 febrero 2023

Thank you for using RICOH THETA X.

We would like to announce the end of the service that enables plug-ins to be directly downloaded using only the camera RICOH THETA X.


・After late May 2023, if you tap on the “Plug-in Store Icon (circled in red below)” that is displayed on the screen of RICOH THETA X, the plug-in store page will no longer display.

・Downloading plug-ins using the basic app for computer will not be affected. You can continue to download them as normal. Refer to the following page for details on how to install plug-ins.


■ Background information concerning the end of this service

By providing edge devices and related services that are user-friendly in various industries and operations, Ricoh strengthens the “RICOH360” platform business with the aim of contributing towards the digital transformation (DX) of customer workflow. As part of this, we will be focusing our resources on the development of more user-friendly apps and services.

We will make a separate announcement once we have decided on the schedule for ending this service. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause users who have continued to use the service.

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