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Notification of firmware update for “RICOH THETA X“ camera.
12 abril 2023

Notification of firmware update for “RICOH THETA X“ camera.

We recommend updating to the newest firmware version that includes additional functions and product improvements.



・The camera surface temperature at which thermal shutdown occurs has been changed. This change significantly extends the operating time of the camera.*1 The camera will be hotter than before, so do not touch the camera for a long time while the high temperature caution mark*2 is displayed to avoid burns.

*1: This change applies to cameras with serial numbers beginning with YR11, YR12, YR13, YR14, or YR15.

*2: High temperature caution mark

*3: Use a PD (Power Delivery) compatible USB cable to connect the camera to the power supply.

*4: There is a limit to the length of video that can be recorded per shooting. To record videos continuously, start shooting again when the video length reaches the limit.


The continuous operation time is a guide based on Ricoh measurement methods, and differs according to usage conditions.

・It is now possible to turn off the top/bottom correction in the USB live streaming as well.

・The design of some of the icons on the system bar displayed at the top of the camera LCD panel has been changed.

・Bug fix.




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RICOH THETA X Updating the Camera Firmware 

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