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RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program Goes Live
28 juin 2018

RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program (URL:, including development tools and support for members, has gone live. The program–initially announced in January 2018 and unique in the 360-degree/virtual reality camera industry–allows third-party developers to create their own Android™-based plug-ins for the RICOH THETA V, a camera capable of capturing fully-spherical photos and 4K video.

The RICOH THETA V incorporates an Android-based operation system. Given its open architecture, the camera’s functionality can be further expanded by installing plug-ins.

As part of the program, Ricoh made available the RICOH THETA V application programming interface (API) and software-development kit (SDK) in April. Now, with the official start of the program, RICOH is providing additional resources for plug-in development. Once individuals sign up to become members of the RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program, they can access tools and online support. RICOH anticipates interest from developers in a variety of vertical markets to create plug-ins that will deliver customized functionality for the THETA V. Members can upload and share plug-ins on the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store, which will open to consumers and businesses in July 2018.

Please see here for details.

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