Panologue “Special RICOH THETA Edition” Released – Collection of Spherical Images
Jan. 10, 2014

The “Special RICOH THETA Edition” of Panologue, an electronic magazine for viewing, reading and listening to panoramic images on the iPad, has been released.

“Conventionally, only a small number of photographers were able to take panoramic pictures because specialized photography equipment was needed to take the pictures, and specialized techniques were required to stitch images together. However, the “Special RICOH THETA Edition” of Panologue was released to celebrate the launch of RICOH THETA, which was developed to enable general users to easily take panoramic photographs based on an overwhelming demand from readers saying “I want to try taking panoramic photographs too!”” (From the Editing Department Project Proposal)

This electronic magazine contains a wide variety of interesting content, such as impressions of experienced panoramic photographers using RICOH THETA to take spherical images with one shot for the first time, a collection of images taken with RICOH THETA, and interviews with RICOH THETA developers.
Enjoy viewing unique spherical images captured with the RICOH THETA as well as reading about secret stories that occurred during the development of RICOH THETA.

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