Notification of firmware update for “RICOH THETA S” camera.
Dec. 17, 2015

Notification of firmware update for “RICOH THETA S” camera.

We recommend updating to the newest firmware version that includes additional functions and product improvements.


  • RICOH THETA S can now capture images with HDR Rendering. The function can be enabled by selecting HDR Rendering when shooting with the smartphone app in auto mode.
    *Requires the latest version of the smartphone app (iOS 1.3.0 or above, Android 1.3.0 or above).
    *When shooting with HDR Rendering, four images with differing exposure parameters can be shot and rendered to generate images in a broad dynamic range. Secure the camera to a tripod, etc. before using this function.
    RELEASE NOTES: Version 01.21


    *How to Update your RICOH THETA


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