RICOH THETA S 360-degree camera Wins Winner in German Design Award 2017
Oct. 25, 2016

Tokyo, October 25, 2016 – Ricoh today announced that the RICOH THETA S360-degree camera, released in October 2015 and marketed by Ricoh Imaging Company Ltd., won a Winner in the German Design Award 2017 in the category Excellent Product Design.

[About the German Design Award]
The German Design Award is a prestigious international design award by the German Design Design-related awards won by Ricoh
(Bundestag). From among products with outstanding designs around the world, those recommended by the German Design Council alone are nominated for the award, which is structured in four tiers: firstly, Gold; secondly, Winner; thirdly, Special Mention and fourthly, Nominee. Gold, Winner ,and Special Mention are prizes awarded to superior designs among the nominees.

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