RICOH THETA V app release notice /RICOH THETA App Version Update Information
Sep. 15, 2017

App for computer supporting the RICOH THETA V will be released today.

 RICOH THETA FileTransfer for Mac

  -This program is used to transfer files over 4GB recorded on the RICOH THETA V to a Mac.
    1. Connect the RICOH THETA V via USB and launch the app.
    2. When the list of files stored on the camera is displayed, select files you want to copy.
    3. Drag and drop the files where you want to save them.

  Perform a fresh install from the download page.

A version update for the RICOH THETA app is now available.
Contents of the version updates for each of the RICOH THETA apps are as follows.

<Basic app>
・The following shots can now be taken when RICOH THETA SC is connected to a smartphone.
  -Interval composite shots *1
  -Color temperature specification shots
  -Multi bracket shooting
  -You can now register the shooting conditions that you like on the camera as My Settings. *2

*1:Interval composite shooting is: when you take several photographs in succession to create a composite image that retains the bright areas of each shot. It can be useful, for instance, to take shots of the night sky from a fixed position and record the path of the moon and stars in the sky. Use a tripod to stabilize the camera when taking these shots.
*2: You can save shooting conditions set with a smartphone on the camera. Shooting conditions registered in My Settings will be enabled when you turn the camera on while not connected to a smartphone.
You can only use My Settings for still images.

*3: Camera firmware needs to be updated to the newest version (Version 01.20 or higher).
 Click here for instructions on how to check the camera firmware version

■Computer application
・It is now compatible with RICOH THETA V.
  -It is now possible to convert and play back 4K video.*1
  -It is now possible to play back 360° Spatial Audio.
   *1 When converting on Windows 7, video is resized to 2K.

<Editing app>
・Animation can now be saved from 360 degree still images.
・The user interface was improved for easy use.

■THETA+ Video
・3D audio information from 4K video shot with RICOH THETA V can now be saved without altering its format.
・ The user interface was improved for easy use. 

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