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About “RICOH THETA for Android” , “RICOH THETA m15 for Android” on Android 9
Nov. 13, 2018

In case of using “RICOH THETA for Android”, “RICOH THETA m15 for Android” on Android 9, check whether “THETA” or “THETA m15” is enabled on the OS’s “Location” setting.

“Setting (gear symbol)” – “Apps&Notifications” – “App permissions” – “Location” – Check the “THETA”,”THETA m15″ item.
If it is disabled, the app can’t connect with a camera.

Please update the application version.
-RICOH THETA for Android : v1.21.0 or later
-RICOH THETA m15 for Android : v1.21.12 or later
These versions check whether “Location” settings are enabled.

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